Specialties & Values

We Offer

Oversea Marketing Plan

Offering a comprehensive marketing plan including product, campaign, design, ad optimization, and etc.

Account Trusteeship

Facebook and Adwords, from registration to operation with one-stop trusteeship.

Performance Marketing

Conduct global mobile performance marketing through facebook and adwords by means of CPA and CPI.

Regional Market Analysis for Products

Insights on Internet behavior and marketing trends in regions like South/North America, Eastern/Western Europe, Africa, Russia, South East Asia. Plan your marketing campaign according to product features, help you to promptly comprehend the global market.

Creatives and Design

Design localized content according to product features, including video, gif, and copywriting, etc.

Advertising strategy

Rich advertising experience in tool, gaming (heavy, moderate, leisure), ecommerce, education, and travel, etc. Select the best advertising strategy according to app category and localization.

User Positioning Test

Position Seeded User according to target audience features.

Advertisement Optimization

Precise diagnose and prompt execution according to advertising result statistics. Analyze, optimize, and test ad campaigns to ensure best advertising outcome.

Fan Page Operation

Focus on Facebook and Instagram fan page operation, able to cover most language areas, so as to build a high quality social media platform with creative activities.

  • Covers 2 billion global Facebook users
  • Single app daily activation reaches 300 thousand
  • Intelligent optimize automated advertising system, uplifting CTR and CR, whereas GP conversion rate reaches 80%
  • Precisely targets users, uplift users’ lifetime value (LTV)
  • Payment on performance, CPA and CPI as main payment mothod

  • Global Android users, accurate traffic, low unit cost.
  • Pay on performance, by CPA.
  • Machine learning, advertising precisely according to user preference.
  • Specialized data tracking and anti-click-fraud technology.

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